How to become a Religious Demonologist

By David Scott / Religious Demonologist


This is an article that I have wanted to write for a while now. I have had many people ask me about becoming a Religious Demonologist, and how to go about doing it. The title pretty much says it all. To be a Religious Demonologist you need to do your training and studying through, and with the help of the church. That’s why it’s called “Religious” Demonologist. You are studying Demonology through the church, and your religious faith. For most Demonologists’ that is the Christian faith. A lot of the articles I have written on this site are based on the Catholic tradition of Demonology. Every denomination has their own requirements however, so it is up to the person studying the subject, and the clergy that is teaching them, etc. as to how they will go about the training. Once the initial training is completed, the clergy of that particular denomination and the person that is being trained will decide what to do next. When you are studying to be a Religious Demonologist you never really quit learning. This field of work requires constant learning, and studying, and there are no experts. The Catholic tradition for Demonology is the most popular because the Catholic Church pretty much established the field. The Catholic Church for example usually requires the person to be either clergy, or to be ordained once they have finished their initial studies into the subject. Some of the Catholic churches require the person studying to become a Religious Demonologist to write an essay type paper to make sure that they understand the field, etc. before being ordained. There are however three basic requirements that most churches agree on when it comes to Religious Demonology. Number one, you should be a born-again Christian. Number two, you need to study certain subjects. Number three, you need to learn those subjects with the help of the church (The clergy). To be a Religious Demonologist is not something you can do as a hobby. I have stated this before in other articles. When a person becomes a Religious Demonologist it is usually because they feel they were called by God to do it. They have spoken with their family about it, prayed about it, and they also receive support, backing, and teaching from their church. This is a very dangerous field because of what you’re dealing with on a regular basis. Some Religious Demonologist live pretty secluded lives, and do not have many friends. The friends they do have however are usually very close friends and understand and support them. It is a simple fact that most people do not truly understand how this field of work and study affects the Demonologist, or what it takes to do it. Some Religious Demonologist, including myself, have at least one or two mentors, or people that have given or continue to give them guidance in the field. It is very difficult to learn everything you need to from just one person. That is simply because not all Demonologist study, or learn the same things and some may know more about a particular subject than others. Other than getting the proper help and teaching from the church, it also a great idea to try and get help and guidance from a willing, reputable, and experienced Demonologist. If you are interested in becoming a Religious Demonologist, here are some words of caution. This is a very dangerous field. You are dealing with the diabolical. Nothing is beneath a demon. You must have a strong faith in God and Jesus Christ, and you must have a serious mind and personality. When you deal with the demonic you are not only putting yourself at risk, but your loved ones as well if you’re not careful.

Although Demonology falls into the paranormal field, it is still on a whole other level than your common paranormal case. Many investigators have found this out the hard way. Once you get into the field of Demonology, it’s not that easy to get out of. If this is a field that you think you may be interested in please think very carefully about it, pray about it, and talk with your family about it before deciding anything. This is not something that you can just jump into, or do simply because you find it “fascinating”. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.



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